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时尚杂志书架MagShelf for iPhone/iPad新鲜出炉(2013-05-29)

最近利用Comicshelf框架制作了一个MagShelf, 包含了网络上大部分的时尚杂志, Magzine Shelf app通过Cydia发布,大家可以在Cydia中搜索Magzine Shelf下载 点击查看预览图

ComicShelf Preview for Win8 Metro released(2012-12-03)

so far, supported online manga read and favorite features
Details and Download Link click here

English Manga app - MangaCase has been released in appstore, only $0.99(2012-10-17)

appstore Link

ComicShelf for Chinese released to AppStore(2011-04-14)

ComicShelf for Chinese only involved Chinese Manga Websites,
support Downloads and Offline Read,
support iPhone/iPad

Delivered to Malaysia Purchase Link
AppStore China Purchase Link
AppStore Taiwan Purchase Link
AppStore HongKong Purchase Link

Comicshelf for iOS has released to Cydia(2011-02-22)

Twitter  http://twitter.com/comicshelf

Comicshelf 0.9.2 Release(2010-12-18)

Fixed: a critical bug of deadlock
Fixed: cannot present picture after adujsting brightness
Fixed: recently viewed chapters sometimes will be lost
Modified: increase records count of recently viewed to 100
Added: new feature of copy Comic/Manga's name

Comicshelf 0.9.1 Release(2010-11-02)

Emergency fixed the comic parser upgrade fail

Howto Migrate the settings to v0.9(2010-10-31)

1, Quit running Comicshelf
2, Select the following 6 config files in ComicShelf-0.8.x.x directory:
3, Copy the above files to ComicShelf ver 0.9 directory which the comicshelf.exe exists
4, Startup the Comicshelf ver 0.9

0.9.0 Release(2010-10-31)

Fixed exceptions of local explorer
Fixed rename feature in favorites
Fixed some exceptions in manga reader
Fixed manga name cannot be fully diaplayed in thumbnail list
Added Auto-update feature
Added backgroud color selection in manga reader
Fixed parser of MangaVolume.com(english) Release(2010-08-01)

Optimal cpu utilization
Optimal speed of comic read in zoom mode
Open viewer while click the volume
Fixed a deadlock
Fixed the defects of seach function in English and Traditional Chineses Windows OS
Fixed the parser of the manga websites
Fixed other known bugs


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