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时尚杂志书架MagShelf for iPhone/iPad新鲜出炉(2013-05-29)
  最近利用Comicshelf框架制作了一个MagShelf, 包含了网络上大部分的时尚杂志, Magzine Shelf app通过Cydia发布,大家可以在Cydia中搜索Magzine Shelf下载 点击查看预览图

ComicShelf Preview for Win8 Metro released(2012-12-03)
  so far, supported online manga read and favorite features
Details and Download Link click here


      ComicShelf is a powerful comic potal build for all users. ComicShelf provides basic functions as download, offline browse, and online browse comic. Till now ComicShelf supports many comic sites like Duowo, KuKu and so on.
      Besides basic browsing functionality, ComicShelf provides a rich set of features to improve your browsing comic experience.
The Ultimate Out-of-box Experience
  • Easy to use and powerful straight out of the box.
  • Created by people thinking out of the box to browse comic with new ways through the Internet resource.
  • Download now for free, forever!
ComicShelf's so secure you can throw away that blanket.
  • ComiShelf is 100% free of viruses.
  • No spyware, adware ᾿any kind of malware.
  • No harmful, or just irritating ads, images and pages.
       There's so much more that we can't squeeze it all into one or two screens,but you can find out all the details here...

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